Module 7 

Introduction in Storytelling

This module aims at defining some of the topics regarding introduction in Storytelling:
- The importance of the person telling the story in the unfolding of the story
- The importance of stories in personal development.
- Identifying the reasons that trigger telling and writing a story. 

You Will Learn...

In completing this Module of Introduction in Storytelling the learner will be ABLE:
- To understand whether or not the narrator has an active role in the story.
- To know five reasons why the stories are essential for our daily development.
- To find three reasons to tell and write stories.

//Units within the Module//

Unit 7.1

My role as the narrator in a story


Unit 7.2

Five reasons why stories are essential important to our daily lives

Unit 7.3

Reasons to tell and write stories


//Now let’s find out what you have learned in this module//

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