Module 13

Discover your personal story (Personal Narrative)

This module aims at defining some of the topics regarding discovering your personal stories.

The main points are:

-Introduction in how you can discover your personal story and what are the two emotion that are sitting on the back of each of your action in life.

-Tool (for self-understanding your narrative): SCARF (Status- Certainty-Autonomy-Relatedness-Fairness).

-Tool 3F (for self-understanding your narrative): Fight-Flight-Freeze.


You Will Learn...

In completing this Module of three Units the learner will be able to:

- Understand which are the main 3 emotion that are at the base of each from our action.

- To understand the instrument SCARF and how can be reflected into our personal and professional decisions.

- To understand the instrument 3F and how we react when we face somebody’s else action.

//Units within the Module//

Unit 13.1

Discover your personal story-Introduction


Unit 13.2

Tool SCARF (Status- Certainty-Autonomy-Relatedness-Fairness

Unit 13.3

Unit 13.3: Tool 3F (Fight-Flight-Freeze).


//Now let’s find out what you have learned in this module//