Module 12 

Drama exercises in growing the trust into your community group

This module aims at defining some of the topics regarding with acquire inclusion skills, socialisation and a sense of belonging to a group.

These game-like activities promote the flow of communication between strangers, particularly in shy people who need to be stimulated. 

The satisfaction that can be generated by the activities can act as a basic ingredient of a working group, as well as developing cohesion and providing an open atmosphere.

This module should be taken after module 11 so that participants have already acquired some group skills.

After completing this Module, you will be able to understand the different levels of emotional intensity when you are using a drama exercise and also how you can transmit information to your participants through a drama tools.

You Will Learn...

In completing this Module of Movement Name & Julie Story the learners  will be able to:

- Get to know all participants.

- Create a new form of one’s name.

- Open perception and create interest for other forms of expression.

- Get creative.

- Create a group story, that can be used to develop a theatre piece.

- Use a drama exercise with different levels of emotional intensity.

- Share information through a drama exercise.

//Units within the Module//

Unit 12.1

Warm Up: Movement Name

Unit 12.2

Julie Story 


Unit 12.3

Intensity emotional levels in drama exercises 

Unit 12.4

Sharing knowledge through drama exercise.

//Now let’s find out what you have learned in this module//