Module 11 

Introduction to dramatic expression

This module aims at defining some of the topics regarding acquiring inclusion skills, socialisation and a sense of belonging to a group.

These game-like activities promote the flow of communication between strangers, particularly on  shy people who need to be stimulated. 

The satisfaction that can be generated by the activities can act as a basic ingredient of a working group, as well as developing cohesion and providing an open atmosphere.

You Will Learn...

In completing this Module of  Introduction to dramatic expression  the learner  will be able to:

- Improve body awareness.

- Translate music into movement.

- Get creative.

- Develop a theme for a performance.

- Create movements, sounds, images and words.

//Units within the Module//

Unit 11.1

Warm Up: Dancing Music

Unit 11.2

Finding a Theme

//Now let’s find out what you have learned in this module//