Multiplier events organized by The Open Network for Community Development Foundation in Romania

On October 13th and December 7th, 2023 we organized the Multiplier events where we presented the results of the ABLE - A Better LifE project, a project co-financed by the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme.

The first event organized at Casa Cărții (Book House) in Iași, Romania. The place was specially choose because it was the projects book "My Story" launching as well. 

The second event was organized in Dumitrești Commune, Vrancea County, Romania, the commune where the women authors of the project’s book live. The women are members of the Local Women's Organisation - OLF Poienița. For the event, they dressed up in festive clothes and shared their life stories in the community by launching the book "My Story".

During the two events, we presented the project, partners, funding and activities and the results achieved during almost 2 years of implementation.

Within the ABLE project, our objective was to develop knowledge, skills and working procedures within rural women's organisations in the partnership countries. Thus, we co-created innovative working methods "ABLE" - Common Training Curriculum (15 Modules with Self-Assessment - Storytelling combined with methods and techniques from Drama, Participatory Methods and Work-Life Balance - WLB awareness).

The second result presented was the Interactive Platform: On this platform, you will find the 15 training modules with self-assessment, which we invite you to discover and try.

Special guests at the events were Mrs. Doina Enache (OLF Poienița Coordinator) and Mrs. Georgeta Turturică (Stories-Interviews Coordinator), they were also two of the ladies who wrote stories in the book "My Story". These two women are keepers of traditions and customs and that is why they wanted to introduce two chapters on this subject in the book because they want to leave their heritage legacy.

The book is a collection of touching stories that offer us a journey through the lives of the protagonists, a fascinating journey into rural life and a reminder of Romanian traditions and customs. The book is also available online in Romanian and English.

At the events were present authors of the book, keepers of emotions and memories, a priceless treasure.

Mrs. Georgeta Turturică said at the events: “The book "My Story" is a collection of 12 stories witnessed for the descendants, testimony of exceptional destinies and preserved over time as a frame of the story presented. The authors have already received much appreciation after reading the book and enjoyed this unique opportunity for them.”

With the occasion of the second event, students from the "Grigore Gheba" Theoretical High School in Dumitrești, a branch of the Vrancea Teaching Staff House, organised an exceptional show, with guests from the schools of Vintileasca, Bordești, Jitia and Chiojdeni. The young students prepared a special artistic program with "Winter customs and traditions".

The event, organised at the Cultural Centre in Dumitrești, Romania, was attended by teachers, librarians, documentary teachers from Vrancea County, representatives of local institutions and organisations and people from the community. They enjoyed the beauty of winter traditions and customs in the Râmnic valley.

We would also like to congratulate these wonderful women authors. We also congratulate Mrs Doina Enache and Mrs Georgeta Turturică for their work, for their desire to produce this book, and for their courage in telling the women' stories and their own. Thank you to all participants for your support!

We invite you to see some photos from the first event and from the second event.

Iași, Romania - October 13th, 2023