Transnational Project Meeting in Girona, Spain

In the beautiful town of Girona, we had a great face-to-face meeting between September 24-25, 2022. We finally had the opportunity to meet and greet all the project's partners.


We started the meeting with an overall project presentation and the status of all the project activities. And then, the hard work follows, with each partner presenting and receiving feedback on their modules developed in the first project result - Joint Curriculum "ABLE" Training scheme (15 Modules with self-assessment).


After, we discussed mainly the secont project result - the ABLE Interactive Platform, with the presentation and short training made by Paula Vilatje from Blue Room Innovation, our hosting organisation for this meeting. She presented the status of the development of the ABLE platform, how to use it and what a learner can find on it and about the uploading on the platform of the Curriculum of training made by the consortium.


The third project result, the book “My Story” - is a book of women's life stories - based on the ABLE Method (Joint Curriculum & Interactive Platform). For this result we had a great brainstorming time. We will realize the book in Romanian, Italian and Portuguese languages within an International Collaboration.

After all these presentations, we discussed about the Learning, Teaching, Training Activity (LTTA) that will take place on October 25-30, 2022, also in Girona, Spain. Around 25 women, leaders of women organisations from rural areas will attend this meeting. Blue Room presented the agenda proposed and each partner took a role in the agenda proposing activities to be done.

Each partner presented the dissemination and communication activities they have done in each of the project countries and we establish a first plan regarding the next steps of the project.

A full meeting, with lots of things to do in the future but with a lot of enthusiasm from all the partners involved in the project.